To live an authentic life, we must realise our truth and somewhere deep inside ourselves this truth, embedded like a pearl, awaits our discovery


About Me

I have lived in The New Forest in Hampshire since 1992, exchanging a city life in Scotland for a rural one in England and I now live in a place which I consider to be one of if not the most, beautiful places in the world to live in and in which I feel completely at home.

As well as being a reiki practitioner, I am an artist and I work in the education sector.  I hold a MA (Hons) degree in English, BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art and Postgraduate Certificate In Education.  My life is one marked by a deep love of written and visual language and of nature.  I feel a palpable creative energy when I am engaged in reiki and when making art, becoming distinctly aware whilst engaged in these activities of being a channel for this energy.  I feel blessed by this: that I am able to experience these things and honoured that I am able to extend this creative energy to others.

I began my journey with reiki in 2011, qualifying as a Reiki Master Practitioner in 2015.  I am a highly creative person both as an artist and as a reiki practitioner.  If someone had told me prior to 2011 that anything could or would become of even greater significance to me than art is, I would not then have believed them, but it is true; at my core I am an artist but somewhere, at an even deeper level, I am a reiki practitioner.  

How can I explain to you, what reiki means to me? 

The artist and the poet in me would offer you the image of a string of pearls; a few words threaded pearl-like alongside each other upon a golden thread, self-evidently beautiful : Love. Beauty. Truth. Peace. Light. Creativity. Being . Simplicity.

That is all.

About My Practice

During a healing session - and this happens particulary with clients I have seen on a regular basis over time - I may receive images, words, colours or see small actions or gestures usually relating to nature which I interpret intuitively and symbolically.  If this is the case during your healing session, I can communicate my interpretation of these symbols to you either during or at the end of your treatment or alternatively some time later in the form of a written review.  

In my artistic practice I select and employ colours both consciously or intentionally and unconsciously or intuitively but I would say that it is more often the case that the creative process is an intuitive one; I instinctively understand what colour is needed at any given point in the process of making art and I select, marry and blend these colours to create complete artworks.   So it is the case when I am practicing reiki.  I may consciously receive information about colours that a client 'needs' for example by noting the colours of the clothing he or she is wearing - we often apply by actually wearing the colours that we will benefit from having about our person - but additionally and more frequently, I intuitively receive this knowledge and will then introduce these colours into the healing session. 

I have always felt a deep affinity with nature.  I particularly love woodland, and the flora and fauna which inhabit it, and flowers - both cultivated and wild - and these have from the outset featured in my reiki practice and continue to do so even more prominently.  I believe that the affinity I have with the natural world is the reason why many of the images I receive during healing sessions relate to nature.  But I also believe that nature is a great healer and that spending time in nature - even if only via the imagination - is time well spent. 



I am a Master Practitioner member of the UK Reiki Federation.  To contact me or request an appointment please complete the form on the Contact page.  You can view some of my paintings here on the Elementals Gallery 1 and Elementals Gallery 2 pages.  To view other online portfolios of my artwork please follow these links:  

Gillian Goodridge, Saatchi Art and The Local Art Scene

My work is currently on exhibition at:

Brockenhurst Chiropractic